The Object of Exception A Cup of Coffee by Ugo La Pietra

  • 1997
    © Photo Molteni & Motta
    A Cup of Coffee by Ugo La Pietra

    The differentiation that is possible to distinguish among the variuos types of coffee cups that have been designed is an indication of the intention to cater for a multi-faceted society.
    In fact, in my thirty-year carrer I’ve always defined myself as being above all a researcher before being an artist, architect or designer; and my cups are one of the many I have designed, with different forms and colours, for the many social groups that exist.
    In this light, the objects may become instruments to maintain and underline one’s identity or belonging…
    It is a way of thinking, of designing, that is based on ecleticism, on a flexible attitude: it is not a style that must be imposed, it is an opening up to others, therefore, to a constantly evolving society.

    Coffee with milk, cold coffee, strong coffee, sweet coffee, bitter coffee, coffee with liquor, double coffee, American coffee, coffee at Christmas time (single), coffee at Christmas time (family), Turkish coffee, coffe with no caffeine…